You are in the middle of your studies or still attending school, but you would like to get to know an international operating company? Or maybe you have already reached the home straight of your studies and would like to write your final thesis with an innovative provider of high-quality communication and printing services?

We offer various possibilities for you to gain precious experiences and to bring in creative and innovative ideas. On the following pages you will find important information on degree theses, internships and the dual degree program at Prinovis. 

Degree Theses

You are already studying and interested in our company? We offer students from different fields the opportunity to write their final thesis with us. You can either propose your own topic or work out a topic together with us – this allows for maximum flexibility while ensuring a high level of quality.

We expect you to be ready and able to connect theoretical knowledge with practical requirements. Please send your complete application documents including your study area directly to talent(at)

Internship in the frame of studies

You are very happy with the theoretically know-how you are acquiring in the course of your studies, but you desire precious insights into real operation workflows? You want to gain practical experience within the frame of your technical or commercial studies? You want to get familiar with an industrial environment during a practical semester? Then Prinovis is your place to be.

Please send your complete application documents including your desired time period directly to the contact person of the respective location or to talent(at)

Dual Degree Program

You have completed your secondary education with an outstanding result, you are committed and able to work under pressure? You want to start directly into working life while acquiring an academic degree? Then you are in the right place. Thanks to our cooperation with Nordakademie Elmshorn you have currently the option of obtaining the Bachelor of Science in the Industrial Engineering dual degree program at our Ahrensburg site. At our site in Hamburg we offer a Bachelor of Science program in Applied Computer Science. Please send us your successfully completed online test, which you can find on the Nordakademie website, together with your application.

Furthermore, in cooperation with Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), we offer the dual degree programs Electrical Engineering & Information Technology or Mechanical Engineering, alternating annually. The degree in Mechanical Engineering includes an additional, half-year practical semester, so the studies will be finished in four years instead of three and a half years.

Your contact person for career opportunities

Nicole Wagenhuber

+49 911 8003 233

Check your career opportunities and become part of Prinovis.