Bachelor of Science

Integrated degree program in cooperation with NORDAKADEMIE (NAK)

BoS degree

You successfully acquired higher education entrance qualifications? You are highly interested in both technology and business? Then combining university studies with practical experiences is a great way to build your professional future in our industry! The knowledge and practical skills necessary to work in our field are extensive. That is why, alternating between 10-week slots at the Nordakademie at Elmshorn (teaching you the theoretical skills at university) and 13-week slots working at our company site (teaching you all the practical abilities necessary), you will learn everything you need to know for acing all your project assignments and future tasks with us.

To apply, please submit your successfully passed entrance exam, which you can find at


  • Convincing GCE A-levels or vocational technical diploma
  • Good marks in maths, physics, English language
  • Well-rounded general education
  • Highly interested in integrated business systems
  • Highly motivated and reliable

Prinovis as your employer

As Europe’s largest printing service provider and a subsidiary of Bertelsmann, we can offer you all sorts of careers in the classic field of printing services.

As a part of a young, dynamic team, you can look forward to a cooperative, trim working culture. With us, you will find the perfect place for learning all about the highly diverse fields of operation offered by our exciting tasks!

  • The option of studying abroad for a term at one of our partner universities
  • Financially supporting studying abroad as well as external practical deployments
  • Payment of your studying, seminar, and exam fees
  • Payment of all necessary textbooks
  • Supporting our students with a mentoring program
  • Payment of adequate studying benefits