Prinovis Environmental Report: Emission of Pollutants Further Reduced

As shown in the new “Score” environmental report released today, Prinovis has continued to improve its life cycle assessment. Prinovis publishes its key figures regarding energy usage, greenhouse gases, waste and water consumption in this report. “We see professional environmental management as an important part of running our printing plants,” explains Bertram Stausberg in the editorial of the report. “We are proud of it, and it is a key part of our company’s success.”

Sven Wegeleben and Olaf Krämer from the Prinovis environmental team explain: “Our colleagues throughout the entire company have once again helped make Prinovis a little more environmentally friendly: In terms of operational performance, we have improved the majority of our key figures – that is an impressive achievement!” For example, energy consumption in the 2014 reporting year sank to 547 gigawatt hours, a 2.12-percent drop as compared to 2012, even though the amount of paper printed remained the same. Greenhouse gas emissions fell 7 percent to 224,703 tons. The amount of waste produced by Prinovis as a whole also decreased, sinking 5 percent to 91,741 tons. The parallel increase in water consumption to 646,128 cubic meters (+7%) is attributable among other things to more intensive use of the energy-saving free cooling method as compared to classic compression refrigeration machines. The life cycle assessment figures are presented in detail in the following table

The environmental report is an important tool in customer talks says Jörg Bothe, CSO of Prinovis Germany: “Many of our customers regard the availability of reliable environmental data and an explanation of our quality and environmental management principles as a prerequisite for collaboration. This is why is it is important to publish this data. I am very pleased that we were able to improve the majority of our key figures.”

Lars Peters, Head of Energy Management at Prinovis Germany, underscores another point in the company’s environmental reporting: “As a result of the ongoing improvement of our environmental management system, the key figures in the new report are now geared towards the GRI’s G4 guidelines for the first time. The Global Reporting Initiative guidelines are recognized internationally, and their standardized indicators make it easier to compare report data from company to company.”

The Prinovis Environmental Team was instrumental in preparation of the environmental report and provided lots of valuable suggestions that contributed to its successful development. G+J Corporate Editors handled the report’s conceptual design and production, coordinated by corporate communications. Scientific advice was provided by the IFEU Institute in Heidelberg. The 20-page report is available in print and electronic format in German and in electronic format in English. If you wish a copy, please send an email to marketing(at)