Prinovis inaugurates new offset printing presses in Dresden

• Dresden to become a ‘hybrid’ location: two offset machines now complement existing rotogravure printers

• Strategic investment on the 20th anniversary of the printing plant

• CEO Bertram Stausberg: “We are now faster and more flexible, and can better meet additional customer requirements”

Dresden – Europe’s biggest printing company Prinovis is investing in offset technology: CEO Bertram Stausberg today inaugurated two offset presses at the Prinovis Dresden printing plant. The new machines now allow the company to produce offset print jobs – for instance, jobs with shorter print runs. Thus Prinovis now has its first hybrid plant featuring both gravure and offset technology. This makes the company even more flexible and attractive to customers.

At an inauguration ceremony attended by customers and employees, Stausberg symbolically powered up the machines. In his speech, he commented: “Today marks an important turn in the road for Prinovis: the official inauguration of our two new offset presses. They serve as a strategically important complement to our core business of gravure printing.” Stausberg added that many customers’ projects are becoming more diverse in terms of print runs and formats, “and Prinovis can now meet these additional requirements even better.”

“A signal of stability”

Stausberg sees the multi-million investment in the Dresden site on the twentieth anniversary of its printing plant as “a technological enhancement of our operation and a signal of stability, because by installing the new machines we have not only secured jobs but also created new ones.” In addition to existing staff who have been trained on the new machines, the company has created eleven new jobs.

Hauke Knafla, Head of Production and Technology at Prinovis Dresden, who is responsible for the assembly of the offset printers, added: “We are proud that Prinovis’ first hybrid location featuring both gravure and offset production is being created in Dresden. This broadens our range for customers. We’re happy that our production can now go into full operation – we are highly motivated and will deliver Prinovis’ hallmark quality in offset as elsewhere.”

New options for customer orders

By starting up the hybrid location, Prinovis now offers customers new products that combine the two printing processes: for instance, the cover of a magazine can continue to be produced in gravure, while a regional supplement to the same magazine could be produced on the offset presses. Or the cover could be gravureprinted with UV coating, while the content is produced in offset. Customers can now order magazines that use different types of paper (matte offset printing paper and shiny gravure paper). Add to that new options in finishing and logistics.

While testing the offset machines in the past few weeks, Prinovis Dresden produced a prospectus for the Klingel mail-order company with a print run of 509,000 copies – as well as a brochure for the “Prinovis Media Day” customer conference, also held in Dresden today. The booklet combines offset content with a gravure cover for the first time.

Prinovis Dresden employs more than 400 staff and produces print jobs for wellknown publishers and retailers. The company can print up to 165,000 tons of paper a year, which corresponds to a capacity of more than 100 million magazine and catalog pages per day.

About Prinovis:

Europe’s largest printing group Prinovis specializes in bespoke communications solutions related to its core business of printing. Prinovis also offers finishing, creative and digital services. The company has production plants in Ahrensburg, Dresden, Liverpool (UK), and Nuremberg and employs approximately 2,800 people.