Prinovis now ordering only PEFC- and FSC-certified paper

Effective immediately, Europe’s largest printing company, Prinovis, is changing its purchasing policy for its own paper. From now on it will only buy paper that is certified under the PEFC and FSC sustainability standards. This decision is the result of improved transparency in the company’s procurement processes and is based on an even closer cooperation with suppliers from the paper industry.

The new purchasing standard takes effect immediately and applies to all paper purchased directly by Prinovis in Germany and the UK. The implementation of this policy begins today at the northern German Prinovis site in Ahrensburg and will be followed by the sites in Dresden and Nuremberg and in Liverpool, England. Prinovis customers who purchase their own paper are still free to choose what type of paper they supply for their printing orders.

This move by Prinovis represents an important step as part of Bertelsmann’s environmental and paper strategy, the aim of which is to only use paper that comes from well-managed and credibly certified forestry resources. André Limburg, COO of Prinovis Germany, says, “I’m pleased that this transition increases our transparency while also enabling us to provide our customers with products that are more environmentally compatible than before.” Although the company has certainly made regular use of certified paper before now, this particular feature wasn’t being actively controlled. And now it is.

At Prinovis in Germany, paper purchased directly by the company currently amounts to approximately 30 per cent of the total printed area. In marking this transition in the company’s paper procurement standard, André Limburg stated the goal of ultimately increasing the amount of certified paper used to 100 per cent – including customer-supplied paper – in consultation with its customers. “This is a contribution to operating sustainably and can be accomplished with practically no additional expense and without compromising quality,” argues Limburg. “Of course, our customers will continue to decide what types of paper they buy, but we’re engaging in dialogue with them about how we can further increase the share of certified paper being used.”