Prinovis Sites Once Again Meet FSC® And PEFC™ Standards, Score Excellent Results

About 35% of the total tonnage processed by the Prinovis Group in 2014 was used for FSC- or PEFC-certified contracts. Demand for paper from sustainable and responsible forestry continues to grow.

“FSC” or “PEFC” CoC certification provides transparent proof of the wood’s journey from producer to the consumer through the production chain (Chain of Custody = CoC). Prinovis, being part of this processing chain, is also certified according to FSC and PEFC standards. The implementation of the chain of custody requirements in compliance with these standards is monitored annual surveillance audit.

The audits were carried out in January at the production sites in Dresden and Liverpool, and involved random checking of processes of numerous orders of the past year by the external auditor Dr. Karl Gruss (SGS Certification company). In-depth reviews of the customer service, PPC, paper management, shipping and logistics, as well as accounting and environmental management departments were conducted. Cross-site documentation, such as written procedures and systems for monitoring of suppliers and external service providers, were also inspected. The audit was centrally coordinated at Prinovis by Melanie Hartl (Quality and Process Optimization Prinovis Nuremberg) with support from the respective site managers.

“During the days of the audit, I verified that there is enormous commitment among all the staff involved in implementing the CoC”, said Dr. Gruss. “The internal checks and error-checking routines are excellent and the documentation exemplary. Nothing stands in the way of renewing Prinovis’ FSC and PEFC certificates.”

The next surveillance audit is scheduled to take place in January 2016.