The hairdressers‘ magazine 'clivia' freshly restyled by MBS and Prinovis

Since 1955, hairdressers‘ customers have been taking a look at the world of hair cosmetics by reading ‘clivia’. It’s high time for a makeover, thought the publishers at the rtv media group GmbH.

Working with a progressive concept, our advertising agency MBS Nürnberg GmbH showed what it was made of in the nationwide pitch for ‘clivia’, the hair and styling magazine, and was awarded the assignment. The magazine affords insights into the world of hair cosmetics and is made available for customers in hairdressing salons in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The point of emphasis in editorial terms is on hairdressing services, as well as on authentic features on hair and styling, with a sharp eye for the trends. The magazine is printed on the offset machines at the Dresden site, with a 96,940-copy print run. The whole team – graphics, text & editorial, as well as photography in Nuremberg and customer-support in Dresden – is really looking forward to bringing the forthcoming editions to life.