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Printing is an art, which in addition to the best possible technologies, above all requires knowledge and experience. We can provide you with this thanks to our specialist knowledge as Europe’s largest printing service provider and through our modern laboratories with relevant paper and colour inspections.

You expend a lot of time, money and great ideas to perfect your print project right down to the last detail. After all this effort, a product results which you have every right to be proud of. However, what is the good of all this work if your partner is unable to correctly transfer this performance onto paper? The disappointment is then great and the realisation clear: Every project is only as good as the printing company, which realises it.

When Prinovis realises something, then chance and poor quality aren’t permitted to affect the result: consistent colour inspections in our in-house laboratories and certified paper testing techniques guarantee you a constant high level of printing quality, in particular in the critical grey and skin-colour areas. This ensures high repeat accuracy – in the entire colour spectrum, for every paper and every size of circulation.

In addition, we support you with expert reports and customised analyses, as well as decision-making tools for efficient and quality-assured paper and colour usage. Furthermore, we also provide these services in the area of coldset gravure.

Your idea isn’t just “any old” project. Therefore, do not decide on just “any old” printing company – trust the experience and knowledge of Europe’s largest printing service provider: Prinovis.

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Head of Quality and Process Control

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